It Were A Kick Ass Night Indeed!

If you couldn’t be there last night here is a brief overview of the evening — and a little bit of how it landed on me.

First off Hannah made dinner for the home crew and Shannon.  Eggplant Parm, which I hear was boffo, I am not doing well with nightshade these days so she cooked a bit of Salmon for me special.  Hannah = the best.  Then it was off to the show and man it did not disappoint on any level!

Kali Quinn — I have watched her go from a student clown to a master clown before my eyes!  She was so funny and poignant!
Donna Berman — Cheated a little bit.  She rolled out Emma Goldman!  How could she possibly go flat reading from Emma.  Great choice!
Yolanda Allen — Made me cry.  First big boo-hoo of the night for this old boy.
Mixashawn & Abu Carter — Gave me a song, a new song for the evening and threw in a chant, a very moving, deep healing chant to boot.
Chris Brown — May be my new favorite poet.
Sugati & Chris — First time in all the years I’ve known her that I’ve seen Sugati dance! What a treat! The drum and the ringing thing made me feel like breaking out some Sanskrit!
Luis Cotto — Read an absolutely kick ass poem!
Taneisha Duggan — Made me blush and cry at the same time.
Julia Pistell — Funny as hell!
Sea Tea Improv — Funny as a Blue Dictionary in the ocean.
Maureen O’Brian — Her poem about a robotic surgeon named DaVinci in whose razor sharp mechanical arms she entrusted her life was chilling, touching and flat out beautiful.
Kevin Lamkins — Covered “What’s so funny bout’ Peace, Love and Understanding.” Elvis Costello?  What more needs to be said?
Jeff Zinn — Stimulated the revolutionary spirit of everyone in the room.  Reading from his father’s work and looking just like him.
Chion Wolf — Beautiful song. Beautiful Cello.  Beautiful guitar.
HartBeat — Deb Walsh is silly.  Hahaaaaaaaaaa!  Julia and Steve doing Dario Fo — nuff said there I think.  No wait, let me just say one more thing — Hilarious!
Greg Tate — Did okay.
Beat City Beauties — Hot satire.

It was a great evening.  Fun was had by everyone. I am once again humbled by the love and healing energy that has emerged for me from this community.  Amazing. Generous. Human.  Big time human beings living in Hartford and the Shires.


  1. #1 by JoAnne Bauer on April 3, 2012 - 11:15 pm

    Fun & creativity all around

  2. #2 by klkessler on April 4, 2012 - 2:04 am

    It was a magical night. I don’t want to speak for Tate, but I know that I was overwhelmed with the love, support and talent we saw at the benefit. The money that was raised is going to make a huge difference in Tate’s life. Thank you to all.

  3. #3 by Mari Gadlin on April 4, 2012 - 10:17 am

    Tate, I am so glad the night was such a success and so much fun. I am sorry we could not make it but Rob has a really nasty cold and by the time the kids were asleep it was late. I hope you know our hearts and our wallet were there for you. I saw the video on facebook and realized that I just love love love hearing you tell a story.

    Love you beyond words, Mari

  4. #4 by Dan Grunfeld on April 4, 2012 - 5:39 pm

    Man, Greg Tate did better than okay… caught the video of your speech – especially love the part where you describe miracles as regular occurrences, arguing with someone one minute and then having a pot-luck dinner with them the next. So… you’re either fighting back cancer or converting to Judaism. There in spirit, if not in flesh – keep up the good fight, sir.

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