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Memorial Service Planned for June 30th

Hello friends:

Many of you have asked for details about Tate’s memorial, and we have set the time at 2pm on June 30th. It will be held at Charter Oak Cultural Center, which is just south of Downtown Hartford for those coming out of town.

Charter Oak’s Executive Director, Rabbi Donna Berman, made some thoughtful suggestions for the memorial program drawn from different traditions. We’ve planned a memorial that will honor both Tate’s life and enduing legacy. Please join us on the 30th from 2-3pm.

At the close of the memorial we would like to offer coffee and dessert. We are looking for some baking volunteers, if you are interested please email me at

Also, if you are coming from out of town and would like accommodations, please email Julia at We have had several generous offers to host Tate’s friends and family who are traveling for the memorial and can match you with a host.

with love,




PayPay link now functioning!

Hey everyone,

So the links that were in the body of the text of my last blog post about construction on Tate’s room were giving everyone an error message when they tried to donate. Quelle horror! I wanted to let everyone know that the way to donate is to visit the blog website itself,, and click the yellow “Donate” button in the top right sidebar. (this message is for the 100 or so of you who get updates by email- if you’re reading this on the blog page itself, just look right).

THANK YOU to those who have already donated, it really can’t be expressed in words how much this means to us to be able to do.

Love, Maureen

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George Harrison knew a thing or two

Dear friends,

Thank you for the outpouring of support after Julia’s last post. We continue to feel the love in so many ways here at our household. I’m writing about one very specific way we need your help right now to do something for Tate. This story starts with an email from our friend Dave Rozza, who just wanted to see if there was anything he could do to help. Well Julia thought, there is one thing.

Most of you know that Tate resides on our third floor at 15 Warrenton Ave.  When we bought the house, we each chose our preferred room and Tate was clear that as an introvert living in an intentional community, he need some of his own space.  His room is part of the attic, which we say is a “finished attic” but we’ve always had to put the “finished” in quotes for sure. The previous owners had done the work, but with some substandard materials and/or workmanship, in a way that has deteriorated in an alarming way.  There is actually debris falling from between the boards in the ceiling. And just when we needed the space to be a good respite place for Tate to recover in.  As Julia knew, Dave is a very handy guy. We asked him to come over and look at it.

Here are some pics:

Yep, this one is definitely loose.

Dave discovers what was under the sheet the previous owner’s had tacked over this place on the ceiling

Long story short, there is a lot of work on this room that needs to be done to make it a place fit for Tate to come home to, when he returns in a few weeks from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago. Dave called in a contractor friend he’s done work with, and we got a quote from him. We can totally gut and re-sheetrock Tate’s room, and get it lookin’ good for his return, all for $6,000.

That’s where this blog post comes in. I’m asking for your donations to help us raise this money, which we need to do in a short amount of time to get the work done. We were so awed by your generosity when we first raised money in support of Tate’s medical bills, I admit it feels difficult to ask you a few months later for this project. But we know this will be a huge quality of life improvement for Tate.

When I sat down to write this post, the very first thing that popped into my head was George Harrison singing “I’ve got my mind set on you.” Specifically, the part that admits “It’s gonna take money, a whole lotta spending money!” That’s a fact. But don’t we all have our mind set on Tate? We know it’s going to take everything George said it will — money, patience and time — but from what I’ve seen I know there are people who want to provide some of each.

I’ve got my mind set on you

But it’s gonna take money
a whole lotta spending money

It’s gonna take plenty of money to do it right child.
It’s gonna take time
a whole lotta precious time

It’s gonna take patience and time to do it
To do it, to do it’
to do it, to do it right child.”

If you are reading this on the website, you just need to hit the yellow “Donate” button in the right sidebar to donate. If you are reading this in your email, just click here to be taken to the website, and click the yellow button on the top right hand side. For those of you who prefer checks, please send to 15 Warrenton Ave, Hartford CT 06105.

many, many thanks. with love.



Announcing the Grand Total

Well we’ve been talking for days here at Warrenton about all the ass-kicking that took place on Monday night. What an evening! I wanted to report back to everyone on the grand total raised for Tate from the event, and from subsequent online donations made on the blog. Drumroll please!

It’s up to… $4,500!

In concrete terms, this is five and half months of doctor and prescription co-pays for Tate. This goes to show the true power of community. Thank you everyone for rallying around Tate during this difficult time, and showing your support in many, many ways. I personally think they need to rename the phrase “cold hard cash” to “warm, fuzzy, friends-who-care funds.”

Several people have asked us if there is a way to donate online, so we’ve since put up a “donate” button on the blog (click here if you’re reading this in email). Please take a look on the right side of the page and you’ll see it- it goes through PayPal and you can use any credit card.

Again many thanks for both your love and donations. It makes a huge difference in both Tate’s and our lives!

xoxo Maureen


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